The Quad Lock Out-Front Mount is great mount for getting your phone out where you can see it. Featuring our dual stage locking system (Patent Pending) Quad Lock is the most secure and reliable way to mount your Smartphone. Just Twist, Lock & Go. The solid 'click' lets you know it's securely mounted and ready for action!


The Quad Lock Out-Front Mount is designed to attach to industry standard 31.8mm handlebars and can also be attached to 25.4mm bars using the supplied spacer ring. The mount can be securely attached to your handles bars facing forwards in the Out-Front style, or you can flip is for an over-stem mount thats perfect for Mountain bikes or any other bike with short stems that don't suit our standard stem mount. 


No other mounting system allows you to attach and remove your smartphone as quickly as you can with Quad Lock. Don't fumble around with plastic pouches or bulky docking cradles, with Quad Lock you just snap on your smartphone and go. Track your progress with the many fitness apps, navigate to your destination and never miss a txt message or phone call again. With Quad Lock your phone is always where you can see it, and ready for action.