Guy Martin breaks Britans cycling speed record with Quad Lock!

Guy Martin better known for his antics in the the World famous Isle of Man motorcycle race, the TT, has recently broken the British speed cycling record as part of his new TV series SPEED which aired on the UK's Channel 4 network earlier this year. Episode one challanges Guy with breaking the British speed cycling record which he manages to do by reaching a top speed of 112.94mph on a custom built Rourke bike peddling along a sandy beach while drafting a high powered racing truck! 

Photos of Guy's bike are below showing the Quad Lock Mounting System installed on his bike which he used to check his speed during his training runs. Andy Spellman, Guy's manager said "The [Quad Lock] worked well for Guy and the team."

So there you have it. Not only is Guy Martin Britain's fastest cyclist, the Quad Lock is fastest smartphone bike mount!




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