Things are starting to get exciting now as we have just received the new Quad Lock prototypes and so far they are awesome.  Did a bit of late night testing and we wanted to share the progress of the product with you all.  So check out this rough video!

We have now designed the Quad Lock Pro to be securely fitted with both cable ties and O-rings as many high end bike product are now using this light weight, foolproof method of attachment. The beauty of the O-ring mounts is that it's so fast to attach the Quad Lock Pro to anything so using the mount on your shopping trolley, golf buggy and heaps more is simple fast and practical.

We're also using the Quad Lock ST wall mount and its awesome to get your phone up out of the mess on your desk.  I can see people using this mount everywhere including the boats, kitchen and car.  It can be attached with a single screw, pressure sensitive adhesive (sticky back) or both.

More testing in all kinds of funky applications to come, so stay tuned!!

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