Quad Lock News

We're almost there!

It's been just on 12 days and we're at 95% funding! A huge thank you to the people that have got behind the project and pledge their hard earned money. You're going to love the Quad Lock. The massive surge in funding shows that there is huge demand for this product and its something a lot of people have been waiting for so we can't wait to get it out to you.

I'm writing this post after getting home from a 70Km ride with the Quad Lock Pro in full swing. We stopped at a Cafe in Mordialloc and I watch as just about everyone pull out their phones from their jersey pockets, bike bags, pants pockets to check their messages and missed calls where as I had my iPhone in front of me the whole way where I could see text messages in real time! I didn't miss a beat and could quickly pull over if an important call came in. 

I've also been using the Runtastic Road Bike app which I think is one of the best app's for cycling. It shows you everything you need, works with the Wahoo Ant+ chip which picks up on my Garmin speed/cadence and heart rate monitors. Its a little pricey at around $10 but well worth it for the clean interface and cool features such as being able to download and store map sections when riding in areas where there is no 3G connection (great for those out of the way MTB trails).

With only 5% to go it won't be long until the Quad Lock is fully funded! Whooop!


Chris Peters
Co-founder and designer of the Quad Lock