Creative Quad Lock™ Motorbike Custom Install

We love seeing people getting creative with the Quad Lock™ and when one of our customers got in touch and showed us his custom install we were pretty impressed! He modified the Quad Lock™ Bike Mount to fit the centre of his BMW R1200RT touring motorcycle. Here's how he did it:

I trimmed off the curved bicycle mount, leaving a flat surface. 

I then inserted a tube where the nut used to be. I needed the tube so that I could tighten down the screw through the mount, onto the motorcycle mount. 
I used a longer screw that went through the mount, through the tube and into the motorcycle mount. 
I put a bit of epoxy where your mount attached to my mount. I figured the added epoxy would contribute to it not turning when I installed my iPhone.

It works great and is very clean looking.