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New iPhone Rumours 2018

New iPhone day is almost here and, as always, the rumour mill is in overdrive.

Probably the biggest rumour going around is that Apple is bringing out 3 brand spanking new iPhones. Other claims paint a wild picture of what's to come... with new materials, colours, faster charging and even an Apple pen thrown in the mix! We're looking forward to seeing what actually comes of these rumours. 

Release Date?

Based on Apple event history, this one is probably the easiest to pinpoint. The new iPhone range is expected to be announced September 12th with pre-orders available from September 14th and a release date of September 21st!

Numerous names have been thrown around. Some of these include iPhone 9, iPhone XS, iPhone X2 and iPhone 11.

But what's in a name? The most important thing is the look and functionality of the iPhone right? So here’s what to "expect" of Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup set to be introduced next month.

Faster Wireless Charging?

According to the China Times, rumours are that the 2018 iPhone models will charge faster and more efficiently on wireless chargers. This is due to Apple using copper wire instead of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuitry).

Also, the existing iPhones are only capable of charging at 7.5W, which may increase up to 15W with the newer models.

The one that's really pricking ears up is that the charging ports are moving to USB-C, which will not only allow for faster charging but also makes the charge cable compatible with Macbook Pro USB-C ports.

New Colours?

A gold iPhone X is the hottest rumour when it comes to colour options. But Orange and Blue have also been splashed across the web. Remember back to the bright colours of the Apple commercials in the early 2000's? Or the 5C colour range? Some are claiming that Apple is going a little retro with the new iPhones to be available in a wide range of colours.


Every release since the iPhone 6 has been in conjunction, or followed up with, a Plus model. So if you're basing there being an iPhone X Plus on trend history, the chances of this one happening are pretty high. The three rumoured sizes are 5.8", 6.1" and 6.5" with the 6.1" being a cheaper model (more on this later).

If as expected, the iPhone X Plus is the same size as the current Plus models, the edge-to-edge OLED screen of this model will be a sight to behold.


New features = increased price right? The iPhone X was Apple's most expensive phone to date. But the tech giant wants to make their range more accessible to everyone, which is why there are plenty of whispers that this release will feature a cheaper version of the iPhone X. Just like what they did with the iPhone 5C. At the moment it's being nicknamed iPhone X Lite, but unlike the iPhone X's OLED screen, this one could come with LCD instead.

What else? 

Well, as we mentioned, there is an abundance of rumours out there.

So you've got two choices.

1. You could go down the rabbit hole and try to piece all the rumours together.

2. You could sit tightly and wait for the actual release date to get all the information.

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