Riding at Night with Strava

Riding at Night with Strava

Do you ride at night and use Strava? Check out our simple tip to invert your iPhone screen for better visibility and to make your iPhone battery last longer. 


Riding at Night can be tricky, not only do you have to worry about your safety, bike lights and Hi-Vis clothing, but tracking can be harder to do on your iPhone in the dark when using cycling apps like Strava.

We've come up with a very simple solution, and in just few simple steps you too will be able to ride at night and use your apps with ease.

The end result? A inverted screen mode which actually looks pretty cool and makes for easier visibility for those night rides!

How To Invert your iPhone Screen

  • On your iPhone Settings select -> General -> Accessibility Scroll down until you reach the Accessibility Shortcut and select (this is a short cut which means you just need to triple-click the home button for it to work)
  •  Select -> Invert Colours   
  • To invert your screen, you just need to "triple-click" your home screen button to invert and repeat again to go back to normal. 

Riding at night with Strava

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