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Everything that's included with Quad Lock iPhone 7 bike mount kit
iPhone 7 Bike case and mount kit
iPhone 7 Quad Lock Poncho weather resistant cover for bike mount
iPhone 7 case in easy to pocket
Quad Lock iPhone 7 on road bike at victorian beach
Quad Lock iPhone 7 case makes a great commuter bike option
Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro supplied in the iPhone 7 Bike kit
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30 Day STRAVA Premium trial included with purchase
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  • Description
  • What's included

The Quad Lock® Bike Mount for iPhone 7 is the lightest, strongest and most secure iPhone 7 Bike Mount available thanks to the Quad Lock® dual locking system. The iPhone 7 bike kit is supplied with all the gear you need to mount on your bike.

The iPhone 7 has been designed to perform better than ever with a extended battery life meaning you can ride for longer using fitness apps like Strava™ to track your rides or navigate around the city with ease. 

  • Compatible with all Quad Lock Mounts and accessories
  • Slim, protective, impact absorbing iPhone 7 case
  • Bike Mount Pro can be attached to the stem and handlebars
  • Bike Mount Pro fits tube diameters ranging from 25-40mm in diameter. Larger diameters can be secured with longer zip-ties. 
  • Supplied with weather resistant Poncho slip on cover to add extra protection from Rain, Mud, Sweat, Extreme Weather conditions and impact. The Poncho is not always needed in the rain the iPhone 7 is water-resistant.

Note: The use of a screen protector with the Poncho will reduce or prevent the use of the touch screen.

  • 1 x Quad Lock Case
  • 1 x Quad Lock Poncho 
  • 1 x Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO

Mounting Hardware

  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (small)
  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (large)
  • 2 x Nylon zipties


Bike Mount Dimensions (mm)



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