Friends of Quad Lock

We like to work with passionate people. People who are killing it in their chosen discipline and are striving to be the best they can be. Oh and they also love using Quad Lock products.

Mark Ferguson - Cycling Maven

Mark Ferguson, better known as Cycling Maven, is a Melbourne based cyclist turned Vlogger and Youtube Celebrity. A top bloke a one who has his finger on the pulse for anything cycling related. Maven uses Quad Lock products to help him film and live Vlog while on the bike! 

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Shane Miller - GP Lama

The Aussie version of DC Rainmaker, Shane is an IT guru and very passionate cyclist. He's a big fan of Zwift so spends more time on high bike indoors and outdoors than there are hours in the day. Shane uses Quad Lock to navigate around Melbourne and Perth and also to capture video for his youtube videos.

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Lucy Bartholomew - Junior World Sky Running Champion 2014 - Australia

Lucy is an up and coming Ultra Runner from Melbourne, Australia. From the age of 15 Lucy was introduced to ultra running while supporting her Dad who was competing in the North Face 100. Lucy was support crew for her Dad but not being old enough to drive a car she ended up running between the check points and covered 60Km on foot! The running bug had biten. 

Recently Lucy competed in the the Big Red, A 250km, 6 day multi-stage race through the Simpson Desert. Knowing her parents wouldn't allow her to enter such an event she told her folks she was going on a school camp! When they saw her being interviewed on the news after the race things got a little awkward. 

We're proud to have Lucy on the team and wish her the best for her upcoming events! 

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Lokan Sardari - Technology & Cycling Enthusiasts - France

Lokan got in touch with us in the early days to let us know he had reviewed the Quad Lock Bike Mount kit for iPhone 5. We didn't understand a word of his video because it was in French but we loved his enthusiasm and we could tell he really liked the product. We've been in touch with him since and he has been helping us spread the Quad Lock love. 

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