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The design and innovation in our products is unique to Quad Lock® and is protected by patents and trademarks issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, and authorities in other countries.

Our legal team makes sure our intellectual property is protected and we will not hesitate to enforce our rights when necessary.

Our Quad Lock® products may be covered by one or more pending patent applications and/or one or more of the following patents:

  • US 9243739
  • US 8830663 B2
  • US D852681
  • CN 303239699
  • CN 204785421
  • EU 005832789
  • EU 005832813
  • EU 005832854
  • AU 201817027
  • AU 201817028
  • AU 201817029

Any and all other trademarks and service marks used by us are owned by us, including the following trademarks which are registered in the U.S. and/or other countries:

  • Quad Lock®
  • Twist, Lock & Go®
  • Twist, Lock & Ride®
  • Twist, Lock & Run®
  • Twist, Lock & Drive®
  • Smartphone Mounting For An Active Lifestyle®
  • Annex®

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