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ONLY STOP WHEN YOU WANT TO - Quad Lock Sports Armband Video
Check out our latest video featuring Lucy Bartholomew, the 2014 Junior Sky Running World Champion and of course Quad Locks own Doug Simpson.  Read More >
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Ford using Quad Lock on their concept electric bike
During a presentation during the Mobile World Congress this week automaker Ford introduced two new products to make commuting safer...  But they aren't cars.... They're e-bikes!   Dubbed the MoDe:Pro and the MoDe:Me, these two concept electric bikes showcased a number of features that improve safety when riding such as notifying riders when a car is coming from behind. In addition to the projects being a part of a company wide Handle on Mobility challenge from Ford to its employees, designers Paul Wraith and... Read More >
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Quad Lock now distributed by Madison in the UK and Ireland
We are proud to announce that Madison will be the exclusive distributor of the Quad Lock range for cycling retailers throughout the UK and Ireland.   Dominic Langan, CEO at Madison said "Quad Lock is a simple solution to a problem cyclists face daily. It is a lightweight, strong and secure way to use your smartphone during activities which are notoriously high risk for the devices. Since their successful Kickstarter campaign, which launched the product in December 2011... Read More >
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Quad Lock® iPhone 6 Case
The Quad Lock® iPhone 6 case is the best case we've ever made. Watch our new iPhone 6 video below for more information of how we made our latest case even better. Buy Case Now View Entire iPhone 6 Range  Read More >
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Quad Lock is now proudly distributed in Australia by Bike Corp
Annex Products are proud to announce that they have signed Bike Corp as the official Australian cycling distributor of Quad Lock products. Bike Corp service over 950 retails stores and are the number one distributor of cycling accessories in Australia. Bike Corp are very excited to include the Quad Lock Products in their range. If you would like to place an order please contact your local Bike Corp sales rep. If you do not have an account with Bike... Read More >
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Quad Lock iPhone Motorcycles / Motorbikes Mount
Does the Quad Lock work on motorcycles / motorbikes? Yes, Quad Lock can be used to mount your iPhone to your motorbike / motorcycle, but it depends on your motorcycle dash set up. The Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO is designed to fit around tube sized 25mm to 40mm. If your motorcycle dash has an exposed tube around this size, then you should be able to fit the mount without any problems. Anything smaller or larger can... Read More >
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The Quad Lock MacGyver Award
Every now and then we get sent some photos from our a customer showing us how they have customized/modified/engineered their Quad Lock to suit their particular needs. Some idea's are pretty out, some are pretty good, and occasionally we're sent an example that makes us go wow! Instead of keeping these ideas to ourselves we decided we would award these people for the ingenuity and effort. Today we are proud to announce the Quad Lock MacGyver Award. This awards is... Read More >
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Guy Martin breaks Britans cycling speed record with Quad Lock!
Guy Martin better known for his antics in the the World famous Isle of Man motorcycle race, the TT, has recently broken the British speed cycling record as part of his new TV series SPEED which aired on the UK's Channel 4 network earlier this year. Episode one challanges Guy with breaking the British speed cycling record which he manages to do by reaching a top speed of 112.94mph on a custom built Rourke bike peddling along a sandy beach while... Read More >