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The Quad Lock™ Mounting System was devised by Chris Peters not long after the original iPhone was launched back in 2007. Chris managed to get his hands on an iPhone not long after they were released in the USA (well before they were available in Australia) and it changed they way he did things. One of the biggest advantages of the iPhone was the integration with Google Maps. It wasn't long before the Melways (street directory) was thrown in the recycle bin. However, using an iPhone as a navigation aid had one big draw back, you had to hold on to it to use it. Over the years, Chris experimented with various mounts and cradles and was never happy with the solutions that were on the market. Frustrated with the lack of decent mounting solutions he decided it was about time someone came up with a better version that would allow you to mount your iPhone in your car, on your bike and even around the home and office. So he did just that.

The initial design of the Quad Lock was first prototyped back in 2010 but didn't get much further due to the high cost of taking a product like this to market, as well as Chris having limited time to devote to the idea as he was busy running his design consultancy. The design of the Quad Lock went through many revisions since its first inception. Designs were prototyped for the original iPhone and the iPhone 3 but by the time the design was market-ready the iPhone 4 has already become the dominate smartphone.

In 2011 one event changed everything...Kickstarter. Chris and his mate Rob had been eagerly watching the rise of the crowd funding phenomenon and had seen the effect it was having on product development. After seeing the TikTok Watch project nearly tip the $1 million mark, they decided they should give it a whirl. The Quad Lock™ was considered but it required a fair bit of capital to manufacture and still needed some work refining the design of the locking mechanism. So Rob proposed they start with something a little simpler. The idea of putting a bottle opener on an iPhone was proposed one Sunday afternoon and a few weeks later the Opena® case was born. It received instant success on Kickstarter paving the path for launching the Quad Lock™. 

The Quad Lock™ project reached its funding goal within the first two weeks and had doubled the initial goal by the end of the project. 


As soon as the project finished, Chris and Rob went head down into sorting out the tooling, production, packaging and the logistics of getting all the rewards to the backers as quickly as possible. The initial production run shipped out in early May, two months later than anticipated due to a few delays, but these things happen when you're developing a new product. 

The feedback received on the Quad Lock from both media and customers has been fantastic, with very positive reviews and lots of great comments. 

Many suggestions have spun out of people using their Quad Locks™ and Chris and Rob are hard at work developing new accessories and mounts to make the Quad Lock™ even better and open it up to other products other than just the iPhone. 

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