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The Quad Lock MacGyver Award

Every now and then we get sent some photos from our a customer showing us how they have customized/modified/engineered their Quad Lock to suit their particular needs. Some idea's are pretty out, some are pretty good, and occasionally we're sent an example that makes us go wow! Instead of keeping these ideas to ourselves we decided we would award these people for the ingenuity and effort.

Today we are proud to announce the Quad Lock MacGyver Award. This awards is given to those that go above and beyond the norm to create a fully custom install, modify the product to suit their application or come up with a totally new idea for the Quad Lock that we have never thought of. 

Phil Wright is one of those people and he is the first or many we hope to award the Quad Lock MacGyver award too. Congratulations Phil! We Salute you!

Not wanting to have o'ring or zip-ties taking away from the clean look of his bike, Phil Wright decided to create a custom install of his Quad Lock Bike Mount. Obviously having access to suitable tools is a must for an install like this but it was just a walk in the park for Phil. I'll let Phil walk you through the process below.



After removing the rubber band tags with a hacksaw blade, I lathed the excess off until smooth.


I then drilled out and further countersunk the hole to accept a larger M6 bolt.


I drilled a 6.5mm hole in the stem (slightly larger to allow for room to make sure the mount sits level) and then neatened the edges of the hole up. Oh and I would say that I recommend against drilling holes in your stem as it will void any warranties and may weaken the stem.


The view from the front of the stem showing the curved washer "borrowed" from an old cantilever brake.

All the parts laid out ready for assembly.


Top work Phil! And congrats on the Award!