7 Reasons To Start Running

7 Reasons To Start Running

Running may sound like hard work but it is packed full of benefits you didn't even know about! Sleep, longevity and weight loss are just a few of the amazing reasons you should start running. We've compiled 7 of the best reasons why you should grab yourself a Quad Lock Sports Armband, hook up some tunes, and start running!


1)  Live longer

Running 1-2 hours a week can make you live longer. Studies have shown that women can add an extra 5.6 years while men can increase their lifespan by 6.2 years! Longevity, yes please. This is one great reason why you should start running. 

running increases your life span

2) Lose weight

"Well, obviously" - we can hear you say. But how much? A 30 minute run will burn around 280 calories running at 10km/hr (about 6.2miles/hr). For those who don't have much time in the day for exercise, you only need to put aside 30 minutes to see the benefits!

running helps you lose weight

3) Get toned! 

Running not only increases your metabolism, it also strengthens your legs, back and abdominal muscles meaning you will be more toned. And we all want to be more toned. Another reason to get into running! 

4) Sleep well

If you struggle with sleeping, then this is a great reason to take up running. Running helps you fall sleep more easily. By taking up running, you can improve the time and quality of your sleep which in turn will help you feel more refreshed! 

running helps you sleep better

5) It makes you happy!

Several studies have found that running can boost your mood. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins create feel-good effects so you feel happier! 

running makes you feel happier

 6) Lowers stress levels

Running prepares you to cope with daily stress and anxiety. If you are more physically active you can deal with a rough situation without going into full panic mode. 

running reduces stress levels

7) Increased productivity 

The more you run, the better your mood, the more you'll get done. Happy people are more likely to be more efficient in the workplace. So get a few kms (or miles) in before your workday starts and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve. 

running helps you become more efficient


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