Garmin Edge 510/810 & Quad Lock

Earlier this year Garmin released two new cycling GPS computers the Edge 510 and 810. These little guys replace the Edge 500 and 800 and have a few new neat connectivity features which really expand their live connection capabilities. Apart from being slightly larger than the previous models and having a touch screen interface the biggest change is the addition of bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth might not sounds like much of big deal however if you own a smart phone (which I am assuming you do) you can now pair you smart phone with your 510 and 810 Garmin Edge to wireless upload data to Garmin Connect....yeah I know not that exciting...but where it gets really cool is the ability to send out notifications to your mates (or coach) and they can track your sessions live! Of course you'll need to carry your smart phone with you during the ride but hey...that's where the Quad Lock comes in! 

So if you weren't sure if you should use a Garmin or you're iPhone for tracking your rides... Now you can use both.

Check out this video below to learn more about the new Garmin Connectivity Features.

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