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Introducing Quad Lock's New MAG™ Range

For 10 years, Quad Lock has been trusted by people from all over the world to protect and connect their smartphone in their daily activities. Now it is time to push the system even further, introducing Quad Lock MAG™.

The all new Quad Lock MAG™ range is here and it's our most exciting addition yet. We've added some exciting new MAG mounts, MAG Case, MAG Universal Adaptor and additional charging options for home, office and cars that we think are going to compliment your everyday lifestyle. This blog post will break down all you need to know about the all new MAG range.


    So what’s the use-case for Quad Lock MAG?

    Quad Lock MAG adds to your everyday experience.

    The new MAG Head when combined with our new MAG Case or MAG Universal Adaptor makes it even easier to attach your phone when using it around your home, office or in your car. With strong hold magnets, you’ll get a secure lock on every time in your preferred orientation, simply position your phone and let the magnets do the rest.

    For fast wireless charging you can upgrade to our new MAG Wireless Charging Head so you’ll never have to worry about running out of charge on a drive or when working from home. Add to your existing Car Mount or Desk Mount for an easy magnetic attachment (no twist-lock required).

    For the first time, we’ve added colours! With 6 new optional coloured rings, you can customise your Quad Lock MAG case so you can FINALLY tell your phone apart from your friends or match it to your bike, motorcycle or lifestyle.

    Quad Lock iPhone MAG case with Green Ring

    Quad Lock MAG™ Case Features

    The Quad Lock Case has some noticeable aesthetic changes to become MAG compatible with the new Magnetic interface and coloured ring. It’s also thinner, flatter and even easier to attach. For more details on the MAG Case features.. Keep reading below.

    The Quad Lock MAG™ case is now:


    The MAG™ case is the thinnest Quad Lock Case yet with a thickness of 4.20mm. That’s a whole 0.77mm thinner than our original Quad Lock Case!


    The MAG™ Case is not only thinner, it’s flatter. With the Quad Lock interface designed to no longer protrude, the new Case sits flush on any surface or charger, yep - it sits flat on the table!


    With Optional coloured rings, you can now change up the colour of your Quad Lock MAG™ Case from standard Black to 6 new colours available in Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, Red, and Grey. No more confusion when you’re with a bunch of friends who all run the same Quad Lock case. 😉

    Even Easier to Attach

    The all new Quad Lock MAG™ Case makes lock-on’s easier than ever. No twisting required, simply place your phone straight onto one of our MAG compatible mounts in one easy motion. The inbuilt magnet makes mounting your phone even faster, simply position your phone and let the magnet do the rest.

    The new Quad Lock MAG™ cases are available for the following devices:

    • iPhones: 14 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14 Plus, 14, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13, 13 mini, SE (3rd and 2nd Gen), 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22 Plus, S22
    • Pixel 7 Pro, 7
    • Universal Adaptor (compatible with any of our MAG™ range except wireless charging and rings)
    Quad Lock MAG™ Head Features

    The new Quad Lock MAG™ Heads feature accurate alignment in both portrait and landscape, added shear resistance over ordinary MagSafe products and fast wireless charging (for the wireless charging option of course). Easily integrate the Quad Lock MAG™ Head or MAG Wireless Charging Head to upgrade your existing Quad Lock Car or Desk mount.


    MAG™ Head

    To use with your existing Mounts, simply install the MAG™ Head to your Car, Desk Mount or Quad Lock 360 Mount. The Quad Lock MAG™ Head will fit seamlessly into every setup with its slim profile and clean matte black finish. The Quad Lock® MAG™ Head interface when combined with your Quad Lock MAG™ Case will ensure you always mount your phone straight, in either portrait or landscape orientation with the strong hold magnet feature.


    • Slim profile
    • Clean matte black finish
    • Strong-hold Magnet
    • Patented Quad Lock Interface
    • Glass filled nylon front housing
    • Compatible with Quad Lock Car and Desk Mounts
    • Compatible with Quad Lock 360™ products

    MAG™ Wireless Charging Head

    For fast wireless charging, upgrade to our MAG™ Wireless Charging Head. As featured with the Quad Lock MAG™ Head, the strong hold magnet will keep your phone in place and provide fast charging when coupled with adequate power supply. Simply integrate the MAG Head to your existing Quad Lock Car or Desk Mount or Quad Lock 360 Mounts for a fast wireless charging experience of up to 15W.


    • Fast wireless charging (Output: 5W, 7.5W, 10W and 15W charging)
    • Strong hold Magnet
    • Patented Quad Lock Interface
    • Glass filled nylon front housing
    • Anodised aluminium rear housing
    • Thermal protection to prevent overheating
    • Foreign objection detection
    • Black zinc coated stainless steel screw
    • Compatible with Quad Lock MAG™ Cases

    Quad Lock Car Mount Range - with Quad Lock MAG™ compatibility

    We’ve made some huge updates here and are pleased to introduce some new mounts to the Quad Lock Car Mount range, including our new Car Vent Mount and Adhesive Dash/Console Mount adding to our existing Car Windscreen/Dash Mount. All Quad Lock Car mounts now be upgraded to be MAG and Wireless Charging compatible.


    Quad Lock Car Adhesive Dash/Console Mount

    Suitable for use with all Quad Lock Cases and Universal Adaptors, the new Quad Lock Adhesive Dash/Console Car Mount offers a versatile mounting solution with its slimline adhesive base and pivot head and is easy to install, simply apply to a flat or curved surface in your Car interior.


    • Easy to install
    • Secure Mounting
    • Adjustable Viewing angle - 360 degrees
    • Sleek Design
    • MAG™ & Wireless Charging Compatible (optional)

    Quad Lock Car Vent Mount

    No dash, no problem. The Quad Lock Car Vent Mount is the solution for you. With a clever hook design, the Quad Lock Car Vent Mount firmly holds the mount in place to a variety of car vents, while still allowing you to operate the open and close function. The Car Vent Mount allows you to easily use Maps on your phone or go Hands-free when taking a phone call on your drive.

    For optimal positioning, there are four possible placement positions for the mount head and an adjustable ball joint for finer adjustments, so you'll always find the perfect position for your phone in your car. If you're uncertain about whether or not your Car Vent is suitable, then check out our guide below.


    • Easy to install
    • Secure Mounting
    • Optimal Viewing
    • Clever Discrete Design for Car Interior
    • Quad Lock MAG™ & Wireless Charging compatible (optional)

    Car Vent Mount Compatibility?

    For the Quad Lock Car Vent Mount to perform optimally, your car must be equipped with the correct style of vents. Check out our Car Vent Compatibility Guide here:

    Quad Lock Desk Mount Range - with Quad Lock MAG™

    Alongside the new car mounts, the introduction of Quad Lock MAG™ also sees two new premium wireless charging desk mounts for Home/Office. The MAG™ Dual Desktop Wireless Charger and Wireless Charging Pad.

    Both mounts feature in-built magnets for perfect alignment with the charging head and wireless charging pad every time. With Wireless charging, you can keep your phone always in the green and even charge your Apple MAG accessories such as AirPods PRO simultaneously with the Dual Desktop Wireless Charger. So convenient!


    Quad Lock MAGDual Desktop Wireless Charger

    The new Quad Lock MAG™ Dual Desktop Wireless Charger is a sleek new design for your Home or Office. The MAG™ Wireless Charging Head functionality also provides fast charging to multiple devices at once and is easy to use. The Dual Desktop Wireless Charger is the most stylish way to charge your phone and accessories around the home or office and looks impressive with it's minimal looks, including a black machined aluminium base and soft-touch grip pad. If you’re on the move, travel is a breeze with the new adjustable angle design, simply fold down flat and tuck away neatly into your luggage or bag.


    • Charge your AirPods or wireless charging accessories on the base
    • Sleek, stylish design
    • Adjustable Angle
    • Fast wireless charging
    • Ambient light sensor - switches to “night mode”
    • Reusable nano suction base
    • Compact design - folds flat
    • Quad Lock Mag™ Compatible

    Quad Lock Wireless Charging Pad

    The perfect bedside companion. The new Quad Lock MAG™ Wireless Charging Pad will fit seamlessly into all areas of your home or office for charging your phone and Apple accessories.

    As with the existing Desk Mount, the reusable nano-suction adhesive base means the Wireless Charging Pad stays in place, making it easy to remove your device with just one hand.


    • Sleek, stylish design
    • Fast wireless charging
    • Ambient light sensor - switches to “night mode”
    • Reusable nano suction base
    • Sleek, discrete design
    • Soft-touch grip pad
    • Quad Lock Mag™ Compatible
    • Charge your Apple Accessories at the same time



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