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You can now sync your fitness classes using the MINDBODY app on STRAVA!

Strava has been a very popular app amongst the Quad Lock community for so many reasons. You can track and analyse rides or runs, share and connect with other like-minded athletes and even explore new routes and compete with people from all around the world. Strava has now gone the extra mile and joined forces with MINDBODY!  




For those of you who don't know much about this app, it is a an app that allows you to find the best fitness, wellness & beauty services in your area. The app is easy to use and allows you to quickly and easily discover local classes near you by time and price so you can go to a class at short notice or filter by the price you want to pay. Once you've booked your class in, it adds the class to your schedule. 

How does MINDBODY sync with Strava?

1. Firstly, open up your MINDBODY app (or download it if you haven't already!) 
2. Tap on Settings, and under integrations, tap on Strava and connect.
3. Enter your login details for Strava
4. Choose the Strava details that you wish to share with the MINDBODY app and tap allow. 

Use the MINDBODY app to share Fitness activities to Strava


Once you have been to a class that is booked through the MINDBODY app your workout will post directly to your Strava feed for all your followers to see. 

What information will be shared to Strava? 

  • The Class name (e.g. Hot Yoga, Small Group Pilates, Technique Session)
  • Your Instructors name
  • The Name of your Studio/Fitness Instituion
  • Duration (How many long your class was)
  • Category (Yoga, Boxing, Barre, CrossFit etc.)

    MINDBODY posts your fitness classes to Strava feed

    Already using the MINDBODY app with Strava? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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