Strava's New Features Allow You To Share More Than Just Activities

Strava's New Features Allow You To Share More Than Just Activities


Today, Strava launched their biggest update ever. Until recently you could only use the app to track your activities, set goals, join events and share your rides or runs with other Strava athletes. Now you will be able post your own content on your profile which then gets shared on your activity feed. Posts can be stories, articles, advice to other athletes, questions or fun facts about your activities or sport. While previously this 'posting' feature was only available to certain athletes, it has now been rolled out to every user. 

What is cool about Strava is that it is an app supports a specific community of like-minded people so you can feel confident sharing your thoughts or stories about a recent ride or run and know that your followers can engage and give you kudos or comment back. The Strava app is our top pick here in the Quad Lock office and most of us use this app to record daily runs or weekend rides around Melbourne so we are pretty excited about this new update! 



Stuck for ideas on what to post? Why not share your favourite running track or a specific bike route that you particularly enjoy and want others to know about. Or maybe you want to discuss with the running community a track that you recently completed and want to find out how other athletes found it.

For example, we thought it would be cool to share our blog post about 5 bikepacking trails that you should ride so we shared this article.  


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