The 10 Best Bikepacking Accessories You Should Have?

The 10 Best Bikepacking Accessories You Should Have?

For those who are unfamiliar with bikepacking, it is basically a combination of cycling and camping. Bikepackers tend to travel long distances, with all their travel gear mounted directly to their bike. Of course, knowing what accessories to take (and what fits on your bike) on a bikepacking trip can be challenging especially when you have to be prepared for all sorts of situations along the way. You want to travel light! But not light enough to leave you without an essential item.

With the Trans Am Bike Race currently in full swing and Tour Divide underway, we asked a fellow aussie bikepacker Ben (@benrides) who is currently riding the Tour Divide 2018 what are the 10 best bikepacking items every bikepacker should take when planning a bikepacking adventure. 

1. Navigation. Preferably 2 types in case one fails, like Garmin and a phone or a phone and a map.... Maybe a Quad Lock ;-)

Quad Lock for navigating is one of the 10 best bikepacking accessories

2. Sunscreen. Getting burnt out there can easily ruin any bikepacking trip. Lip balm too. 

the best bikepacking accessories include sunscreen

3. A saddle you're happy with. It should be one you've used before and are comfortable with. Enough said.

a good saddle is necessary for bikepacking adventures

4. Coffee and chocolate. Bikepacking trips are usually about enjoying yourself, so treat yourself. 


5. Spares. Spare tube. Spare tube for when the spare tube fails. A spare chain link and derailleur hanger too. 

best bikepacking accessories for tour divide 2018 by @benrides

6. Electrical tape. Put some around your pump or your frame, you never know what might happen and electrical tape can fix anything. 

Electrical tape is one of the best bikepacking accessories

7. A puffy jacket. When you're tired you get cold easily so you want something warm to put on for when you get off the bike.

a puffa jacket is a good accessory for bikepacking trips

8. Wet wipes. Clean you dirt and sunscreen off. A wet wipe shower can suffice for a night or too. Also great for cleaning a dirty chain.


9. A buff. $20 or so for the best, most versatile piece of clothing you'll ever own. Keeps you impressively warm when it's cold. Soak it in water to keep yourself cool on a hot day. Use it to clean your sunglasses.

a buff keeps you warm when it gets cold on bikepacking adventures

10. A spork. Can be used to eat anything, a camp dinner, something from the supermarket or some last resort dinner from a service station. Plus you never know when you'll end up eating cold baked beans from the service station for dinner. Light my fire and sea to summit makes the best ones.

The best accessories for bikepacking include a spork

Thanks to Ben for providing us with all this valuable information! Follow Ben's Instagram to see more of his bikepacking adventures: