Can Quad Lock be used on Mountain Bikes?

Can Quad Lock be used on Mountain Bikes?

 We get many customers asking if if our Quad Lock Bike Mounts work on Mountain Bikes and we can confirm that they hold up just fine on the tracks.

Both the Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro and Out Front Mount are designed to handle the rough vibrations of mountain biking  all while keeping your phone perfectly stable, secure and without your phone vibrating on the mount while you're riding.

The Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro can be used on your bike as long as your tube or stem is sized 25mm to 40mm. The Bike Mount Pro is made out of glass filled nylon so it is basically unbreakable and can be attached using o-rings or zip-ties or both for added security. If you are worried about vibration from the trails affecting your phone, then you can be assured that this should not affect your phone in any way as long as you have secured your mount properly.

We have recently introduced the Out Front Mount to our range which can also be used on Mountain Bikes. The benefits in this mount are that it can fit more unusual shaped stems as it is positioned over the stem. The Out Front Mount is attached using a screw clamp onto your stem and can be attached to a GoPro Adaptor for those riders who want to record their adventures with a GoPro!


To prove how sturdy the bike mount is, we wanted to share this story from one of our customers, Gerald who is a keen mountain biker. Gerald took a downhill trail too fast and flipped his bike and ended up crashing his Mountain Bike.

"A few days ago I hit the trails with some friends. With my phone mounted to the stem on the the Quad Lock, near the end of our day, I took a bad line too fast. On a technical down hill section, my front wheel went off trail and slipped between the edge of the trail and a 18" diameter log used for detainment. I endoed, flipping, according to another rider, at least 3 times. I came detached from the bike and the bike flipped several times hitting trees and other trail side roughage. The bike landed about 20 feet off the trail down a hill. I flipped several times landing about 70 feet down the same hill. All things considered my injuries are minor. I will recover and ride again. The point to this message is that I completely expected to have to search for my phone. Not at all the case. The Quad Lock mount held my phone securely. Sitting right where I left it. On the stem. We were all amazed. My investment in a Quad Lock saved me from having to purchase a new phone. Thank you for making such a great product. I'll be recommending it to all my riding buddies."


Here's a few pics of our customer who have set up their Mountain Bike's with our Quad Lock Mounts for your inspiration:


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