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Quad Lock iPhone Motorcycles / Motorbikes Mount

Does the Quad Lock work on Motorcycles/Scooters?

The Quad Lock® Motorcycle and Scooter Mounts are the most secure and convenient smartphone mounts available for attaching your smartphone to your mirror stem or handlebar. Our patented dual stage lock means your phone is always securely attached to your motorcycle or scooter without the need for cumbersome lanyards, straps or bands. With your phone securely mounted to your motorbike or scooter, you can use navigation apps to guide you to your location with ease and always stay connected. Being a cased based system you can quickly and easily detach your phone from the mount and know it’s protected in a slim, impact resistant case.


Motorcycle( Handlebar) mount  

Scooter mount for Mirror stems



The mounts can be purchased separately or as part of a bundled kit (includes a case, poncho or Universal Adaptor) and you can find them here.