Quad Lock is a revolutionary new case based mounting solution for your iPhone4 allowing use of your iPhone in more places than ever before.


The idea came to us when we realized that there wasn't a good single solution for mounting your iPhone. Sure theres car mounts, wall mounts, bike mounts and many more, but most require you to remove your phone from your everyday case and insert your iPhone into another cradle system only to have to remove it from the cradle and replace your case when your done. The alternatives are the hold anything style cradles that fit everything but fit nothing well.

The Idea!

So we thought why isn't there a better case based mounting system that allows you to use your iPhone handsfree everywhere? We are constantly finding that we're using our iPhones more and more with all the awesome Apps that are now available and as technology incorporates into our daily lives more and more.

If you’re like us you use your iPhone as a SatNav while driving, a trip computer while cycling, a list while shopping, a score card while golfing, an alarm clock while sleeping, a recipe while cooking, a GPS while boating, a calendar while at the office and we even sometimes make a phone call.

Quad Lock Case

The beauty of the Quad Lock Case is that it’s a case based mounting systems so with the one protective case you can securely mount your iPhone in your car, bike, boat, kitchen and office wall with just a simple twist. The Quad Lock will also hold your iPhone in both portrait and landscape position.

Quad Lock Mounts

The Quad Lock mounts are available in 2 separate models that are both compatible with the Quad Lock Case.

Quad Lock ST Mount   

The Quad Lock mount is best for applications like in the car, boat, office or kitchen wall. The mount works with a single hand press and twist motion. Pics to come!

Quad Lock Pro Mount

The Quad Lock Pro mount offers the highest level of security for your iPhone and is best suited to rigorous applications such as cycling.  The mount works similar to the standard but has extra security added by a spring locking collar that must be pushed down to unlock the case. 


As we do more testing and make more prototypes we will be updating the site with all the other uses the Quad Lock will be perfect for.