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7 Motorcycle Essentials For Any Rider

Whatever motorbike you ride or whatever journey you're on, there’s a few essentials you should have with you at all times. Other than the obvious (helmet), below are 7 motorcycle essentials for any rider.

Author: Tim Frazer

1. Protective Gloves

You may ride a thousand times but it only takes one accident to do some serious damage to your skin. So it’s important to talk about some protective wear, starting with your hands.

Protective gloves are not only an essential for protecting the skin of your hands during a crash, but they will also keep your hands warm during those colder months.

Your hands have a lot of control over the way you ride… so you want to keep them warm and ready for any situation.

Removing your gloves simply to use your phone is pretty annoying, so I’d also recommend getting gloves with screen touch sensitivity. If you’re using your phone for navigation it makes it super easy to use.

Akin Moto Gloves using Quad Lock mounted phone

2. Protective Jacket and Pants

Furthermore, I recommend investing in a good jacket and pants. If you come off your bike you’re going to go for a slide. Look for gear that is PPE approved and check at what slide level they’re rated. Any good brand will indicate the level of protection.

I’d also recommend investing in some pads in those vulnerable areas which are likely to suffer the most impact. Think heads, shoulders, knees and… elbows and hips.

I’ve been wearing Pando Moto’s Karl Cor 01 jeans. Made from Cordura with kevlar, they not only provide great slide protection but are incredibly comfortable. Even when I’m not riding I find myself wearing these jeans.

3. Helmet Lock by Helmet Lok

For some, carrying your helmet around might give you some street cred. But reality is it’s just an annoyance.

You’ve also probably spent a fair dime on your helmet as it protects your most important asset (other than your motorbike), your head. So I like to leave my helmet with my bike, keeping it safely locked with Helmet Lok.

Using a four-digit code, the zinc-alloy construction links into your helmet strap and securely to your bike. It won’t stop prepared thieves who are willing to cut the strap off your helmet, but it’s a far more secure option than leaving your helmet on your bike’s seat, and far less annoying than carrying it around.

4. Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

We have a strong connection to our bikes. The sentimental value is often much higher than the actual value. So know where your motorbike is at all times with the Monimoto GPS Tracker.

Small in size so it’s easy to hide, the Monimoto GPS Tracker uses an App to track the exact location of your bike.

It also detects and alerts you (if you’re in range) if there is any movement of your bike.

5. Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount

Your phone is an essential tool these days. Whether it’s for navigating new routes, connecting with friends or crash detection to send out an SOS (check out our write up about the iPhone 14 Pro). So keep it close by and secure with a Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount.

There are 6 options to choose from. So you’ll be able to find a Quad Lock that fits your motorbike.

We recommend adding a Vibration Dampener to protect your phone’s camera from the high frequency vibrations caused by some motorcycle engines. Read our blog about that here:

You can also keep your phone charged with the Weatherproof Wireless Charger or USB Charger.

6. Reliable Toolkit

Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan. And if you’re going heading off on a long ride, or on an older bike like me, it’s important to have a reliable tool kit on hand for adjustments. Even if it’s just enough to get you home or to your nearest mechanic.

A few essentials for any toolkit are:

  • Set of Allen (Hex) Keys (appropriately sized of course)
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches (appropriate sizes for your bolts)
  • Tire gauge

Our friends at RevZilla put together this video showing how to build an emergency tool kit for your motorcycle

7. Riding Backpack

Whether it’s a long adventure ride or a daily commute, a solid backpack is an essential for any rider. Kriega not only have great backpacks, but they also have numerous options for saddle bags, tail packs and so much more.

Let us know in the comments below if there's any other gear you would recommend.

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