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Introducing the Vibration Dampener

We're Proud To Announce The Release Of The Quad Lock Vibration Dampener

The Quad Lock Vibration Dampener has been created in response to the increased sensitivity of new smartphone camera's image stabilisation modules and the impact that some motorcycle engine's have on these modules.



Featuring a dual chassis suspension system with precision engineered silicone grommets, the Vibration Dampener absorbs vibrations to protect your smartphone’s camera from high level frequencies.

Compatible with all Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts Quad Lock Ball Adaptor, Quad Lock Motorcycle USB Charger and Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charger the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener reduces over 90% of high frequency vibrations produced by motorcycles.


The Vibration Dampener has been put through stringent performance testing with award-winning engineers and scientists specialising in vibration technology for transport, defence and infrastructure.

Along with an intensive real world test involving over 500 members of the Quad Lock community. These motorcyclists all owned motorcycles that produce vibrations within our identified "Vibration Danger Zone" and the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener performed flawlessly. 

The motorcycles listed have been known to cause vibration damage to the optical image stabilisation of smartphones when mounted, however, even if your bike is not listed, Quad Lock recommends the use of our Vibration Dampener for complete confidence.


The Quad Lock Vibration Dampener is now available online from Quad Lock.

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