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Working Out At Home

2020 has forced a number of changes on our lifestyle, in particular, the way we exercise.

With limited access to outside activities and local gyms and studios closed in Melbourne, see how some of the team at Quad Lock are staying active whilst working from home.


Activity of choice: Cycling
Quad Lock Mount: Stem Mount with optional Red Collar
Apps used: Strava, Wahoo Fitness

An avid rider, Sian has been making the most of the 1 hour / day (now 2 hours) allocated outdoor exercise allowed by cutting laps of her local neighbourhood.

Sian lives in excel spreadsheets. So it's no wonder that she combines Strava with Wahoo Fitness for full tracking. Style is also top priority, so she matches her Quad Lock to her S-WORKS with a red collar.

sian quad lock bike mount with red collar



Activity of choice: Cycling
Quad Lock Mounts: Stem Mount for Indoors, Out Front Mount Pro for outdoors
Apps used: Zwift

1 hour of riding a day isn't nearly enough for Gene. So this cycling nut has added indoor training to his daily routine. As well as an early morning ride, Gene's been breaking up the day by punishing his legs in Zwift's Watopia.



Activity of choice: Running
Quad Lock Mount: Running Armband
Apps used: Strava, Spotify

Tim has been pounding the pavements and trails around Melbourne's eastern suburbs with his Quad Lock Running Armband using Strava to record every run, from a "painful" 3km Time Trial to a 10km cruise. 

If it's not tunes on Spotify to keep him moving he's on the phone catching up for a "virtual run" with friends from outside his 5km bubble.

Tim Quad Lock Running Armband



Activity of choice: Pilates
Quad Lock Mount: Phone Ring / Stand
Apps used: Zoom, YouTube

Jacinta used to ride her bike to work everyday. She was also a regular at her local pilates studio and attended HIIT classes each week. These days she keeps her pilates and HIIT classes online. But it's not much fun doing these by yourself, so to stay motivated (and continue laughing with others) she's been zooming friends while streaming classes online. 

Jacinta Pilates with Quad Lock Phone Ring



Activity of choice: Cycling / Yoga
Quad Lock Mount: Out Front Mount
Apps used: Strava, YouTube

Leigh has been getting creative with his Quad Lock Out Front Mount, mixing up his rides and using it to stream online yoga classes.   

Leigh Yoga



Activity of choice: Counter Strike:GO
Quad Lock Mount: Desk Mount
Apps used: Zoom

With local footy cancelled this year, Ben has turned his attention to keeping his warrior mind trained through online gaming. Each Friday, Ben exercises his keyboard hands with a bit of Counter Strike:GO. But Ben's not alone, as he dials in mates on Zoom using his Quad Lock Desk Mount.

ben csgo quad lock desk mount

If there's any other ways you've been using your Quad Lock to stay active during lockdown let us know in the comments below.

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